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The Many Benefits of Volunteering


During National Volunteer Week, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone who is involved in volunteerism! Whether you are a TutorMate tutor or a volunteer for another cause, you make us proud and are making your community a better place. We appreciate you!

Many people volunteer because they want to make a positive impact. This in itself is a worthwhile reason to give back. But did you know that in addition to making a difference in your community, individuals and companies reap many benefits from the act of volunteering and encouraging their colleagues to volunteer? Research shows that volunteering yields potentially life-changing benefits to a person’s health, attitude, and overall happiness.

Think about the last time you volunteered. Once the event ended, did you notice a spring in your step, feel inspired, or become more lucid? You probably felt refreshed overall. These are all positive side effects of paying it forward and of working toward something larger than ourselves. By helping others, we can do good and simultaneously feel good.

In addition to the community and individual benefits, employers are hard-pressed to find a better employee retention and public relations strategy. When a company uses its influence to create positive change, this does not go unnoticed. Not only will customers and investors respect these best business practices, but employees will too. In a time when it’s increasingly difficult to retain top talent, a company-wide volunteer program may be the missing ingredient. Employees often feel more loyal to their employer if they believe that the company is run with an eye toward social consciousness. For companies that are interested in setting up an employee engagement program, the evidence is too compelling not to act.

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