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Reading Resolution


Happy New Year to our loyal blog readers! Did you know that one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to read more?

Keith Jones, a Quality Engineer at NCR Corporation in Atlanta, is an avid reader. So when NCR encouraged employees to get involved with TutorMate, he jumped at the opportunity. Keith was paired with a first grader named Brad at D.H. Stanton Elementary School in Atlanta Public Schools. Brad, who is extremely shy, was hesitant at first to participate in tutoring sessions. Committed to building up trust with Brad, Keith continued to coordinate with Brad’s teacher, Ms. Collins, calling into the classroom week after week. By sharing a bit about himself, listening to Brad, and discovering Brad’s love for tic tac toe, they were able to develop a rapport. Now after several weeks, Brad jumps up and runs to the phone when Keith calls, requesting that they practice flash cards and read stories together.

In November, Brad and Keith had the opportunity to meet in person as part of a TutorMate Meet and Greet at the Stanton library, which helped to further solidify their bond. Brad’s tenacity and Keith’s positive reinforcement have both paid off, as Brad is showing notable improvement in his confidence and skills as a reader.

Keith finds tutoring to be a gratifying experience, and he hopes to pass along his passion for reading to Brad while inspiring others in his office to volunteer as well. He’s proud to work at NCR, a company that’s dedicated to supporting the community and provides opportunities for employees to volunteer. NCR currently has over 30 tutors working with students at Stanton Elementary, and the NCR Foundation has also provided a generous grant to support tutoring in Atlanta.

The New Year is a time for renewal of our commitments to volunteer work and to closing the literacy gap.  Please help us ring in 2017 by spreading the word about TutorMate!

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