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Why TutorMate is valuable: a Nielsen Co. employee explains


20140404_162953Solomon Gezari,  an account executive at Nielsen Company in New York City, is an enthusiastic tutor of a youngster in Ms. Lewis’ classroom at the Thaddeus Stevens School, PS 81, in Brooklyn.

And on Friday he told an audience of almost 100 about it at the 13th annual Charities @ Work Conference, a gathering in New York of managers who run their companies’ employee-engagement programs.

Solomon volunteers in TutorMate, the Innovations For Learning program that depends upon employees from our partner corporations to agree to sign up and tutor a student each week for 30 minutes, remotely, via computer and telephone.

Solomon’s comments as a panel member (3.5 minutes):

His comments took place within an interesting context, as defined by consultant Chris Jarvis, of Realized Worth. Chris’s own research and policy ideas center around the ideas of shared value, blended value, and ultimately transformational value. He has a enlightening March 2014 blog post outlining these ideas here.

in the context of employee engagement and volunteerism,, these various levels of value define a model in which companies evolve to align their own corporate goals with those of their employees. The goal: Achieve wins for the employers, wins for the employees, and wins for the beneficiaries of the volunteer programs.

The best scenario is when employees actually internalize a “giving” view of themselves, their jobs, and their broader environment (whether community or planet), directly as a result of the investment of time they have made to employer-endorsed volunteer programs. They are no longer dependent on “corporate naggers” or their policy manuals to herd them into becoming volunteers.

I recommend reading Chris Jarvis to learn more about this. And I’d encourage all of our blog readers to consider following Charities@Work and their four constituent non-profit organizations.

Innovations for Learning was proud to be an exhibitor at this year’s NYC Conference. HereI am at our booth.

Dan Weisberg, National Director - TutorMate Program, at the Charities At Work Conference, NYC, Apr 3-4 2014You might also consider attending the National Conference on Volunteering and Service, in Atlanta on June 16-18.  We will be exhibiting the TutorMate program there as well. More Info here.

 — Dan Weisberg

TutorMate National Director



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