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Where Sandy beset schools, NYC to teach online


With their schooling disrupted by Superstorm Sandy, New York students are being offered online courses to make up for lost learning time.

The district is expanding its online courses. Thousands of students are eligible to take subjects including English, economics, calculus, world history and Spanish for sixth grade through high school, GothamSchools reports.

The added courses will be taught by about 60 teachers already working for New York’s iZone, an initiative that’s bringing a blend of computer-based and personal instruction to more than 200 schools in the nation’s largest district.

Most schools have returned to working order since Sandy left dozens of them flooded or without power, and attendance is slowly rising,” GothamSchools says. “But department officials say they are concerned that students who missed many days of school, or continue to miss school because their home situations prevent them from getting to school, will fall behind.”

(Photo of students at Olympus Academy, in Brooklyn, using online learning to move ahead at their own pace: GothamSchools)

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