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Visions of change


Sometimes it takes more than words to describe the rapid-fire changes going on in education — or that are possible in education — right now.

Here are a few inspiring videos that show how the new technologies that are becoming familiar to almost everyone can excite and expand the learning process.

The one above is from It shows how students are leaping ahead of the education system in their use of cell phones and computers. That’s quickly changing their ideas of what they expect from school.

This one, from Norway, makes a strong case that educational institutions must play catch-up to prepare students for life in the 21st Century:

In this one, 18 classroom teachers from Mahoning County, Ohio, the area around Youngstown, describe how technology can integrate into all subject areas:

Let us know if you like these videos — we’ll look for more to share with you.

(Thanks to for bringing these videos to our attention.)

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