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We’ve taken the best practices for reading instruction—and brought them into the digital age. Teacher + Technology = Classroom success.

TeacherMate leverages technology to help teachers succeed with individualized instruction in the classroom. Designed for iPads, iPod Touches and MP3 players, TeacherMate puts the teacher in the center of reading instruction, providing unparalleled control of all aspects of beginning reading instruction. TeacherMate makes small group instruction so easy for teachers that they want to use it every day. Our technology makes individualized instruction a reality
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Technology solves the 30:1 ratio. An online answer for differentiated learning.

Our cloud-based learning management system enables teachers to manage Common Core instruction in the classroom as never before. Teachers can customize each student’s learning plan and follow each student’s progress. Teachers can specifically align instruction to a major reading program, customize instruction for their own unique method, or use our sequenced Reading Stages to provide a comprehensive structure to beginning reading instruction.
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They’ll think it’s a computer game. But it’s serious practice of reading skills.

When students are assigned to the Practice Station, they’ll work on playful exercises aimed at boosting reading skills. All interactive, all tailored to each student’s level. All on iPads, iPod Touches and — coming in 2014 — Android.
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Listen! And learn. We make the read-aloud experience personal.
In the Listening Station, students use MP3 players loaded with books at a variety of skill levels. They listen through headsets as a narrator reads aloud and asks questions about the book in their hands. More than an audiobook — it’s like having a personal teacher in their ears.
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Small-group instruction, improved by software. A “multiplayer” program connects teacher to students.

At the Teacher Station, a teacher works face-to-face with a small group of students. On the teacher’s iPad is a complete suite of tools for conducting the small group instruction. Each student has a device that is linked to the teacher’s iPad. Instruction and assessment are combined in one simple interface. Never before has small group instruction been so easy to do.
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Coaches are on hand to help. More than training—year-long in-class support.

Our coaches are in the classroom on a regular basis throughout the year to work with teachers, not only training on how to use the TeacherMate System, but also how best to leverage technology to help them become more effective teachers. This is blended learning — without the lumps.

Ayuda en español. Spanish support for students still learning English.

Nearly all of the TeacherMate content is in Spanish for English language learners. Students can hear English stories read to them first in Spanish if they need it. All comprehension questions and game instructions are available in Spanish. And we can customize to add additional languages.
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Results. 13-point gains for Washington, D.C., first-graders, 18-point gains for Chicago first graders.

Each year we conduct research on the impact of our program, using the districts’ own DIBEL, TRC or other reading scores. We have consistently shown substantial improvement in first grade reading scores. We have only one goal — first grade reading success — and it shows in the scores.
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Press. They’re talking TeacherMate.

See what the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Detroit News, Fast Company, Crain’s, Florida Public Radio and other important media outlets are saying about us.
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Schools Served. We’re coast to coast. And growing.

We serve schools in major urban districts such as Chicago, Washington, D.C., Miami and Broward County. More schools are on the way. We have pilot programs in Ghana and Rwanda.