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Salesforce project complete, thanks to Taproot Foundation service grant and pro bono volunteers

team training

Salesforce training session with IFL staff and volunteer consultants

And now, a bit of behind-the-scenes news from Innovations for Learning.  Our organization has been growing (as you may have noticed), and we found that it was becoming more difficult to organize and manage our relationships with partner organizations, school districts, and volunteers.

IFL was fortunate to be awarded a Taproot Foundation service grant to address this critical need by helping us implement Salesforce to manage our contacts and relationships.  There was much work to be done: analyzing our business needs, cleaning up and uploading existing data from a variety of different sources, customizing Salesforce for Nonprofits to suit IFL’s needs, building custom reports and dashboards, and training our team on how to use Salesforce.  Our pro bono consultants – who volunteered their time and talents while working at their own “day jobs” – tackled it all with great enthusiasm and energy.

These pro bono services provided through Taproot have equipped Innovations for Learning with a CRM system that will allow us to more effectively manage our current and prospective volunteers and funders.  As our Executive Director Seth Weinberger put it, “having a smart, organized system for this will help us grow our volunteer corps and base of institutional funders, both of which are critical to our ability to scale our programs.”

By enabling our continued growth, this service grant will help us better serve more learning communities and students.  Thank you to our team of pro bono consultants and to the Taproot Foundation for making this possible!

team thank you

Thank you to our consulting team!

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