It all starts with Literacy.

Re-thinking required reading


Does reading the classics help to create lifelong readers?  Maybe not.

“The more satisfying reading is for kids, the more likely they are to continue reading as adults,” says Alleen Pace Nilsen, author of Literature for Today’s Young Adults, in the Chicago Tribune.

“They’re more likely to read with their children, more likely to take their children to libraries and more likely to view reading with long-term affection.”

The Tribune reports that a small but growing number of educators are pushing for more contemporary young-adult literature to be taught in high school English classes.

Creating lifelong readers requires more than simply introducing students to traditionally important works, Paul W. Hankins, an English teacher in Indiana, told the Tribune’s Heidi Stevens.

“It can’t be about converting reading into points,” he said. “Read this and pass this test and earn points. What we want is a reading conversation.”

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