It all starts with Literacy.

Port of Seattle employees help children learn to read through TutorMate: video


Here’s a video produced by the Port of Seattle.

Skip ahead to the 13-minute mark for a report on how Port employees are helping students learn to read in a disadvantaged school by taking part in Innovations for Learning‘s TutorMate program.

The online program pairs volunteers from the corporate world with school children. For a half-hour a week, they “meet” by telephone and computer to go over games and lessons to augment the kids’ instruction in reading.

In the video, we meet Port employees who tell us how much they enjoy taking part.

“That sense of accomplishment — when they get those words and the story makes sense — it’s just precious,” says Janice Zahn, assistant engineering director.

“Readers are leaders. That’s something I shared with my students — that you can go anywhere in a book,” says Patricia Ly, of the Port’s real estate division.

Adds Xuan-Nhi Choa, a teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Seattle: “The students really love it.”

Thanks for the recognition, Port of Seattle!



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