Innovations for Learning, a national nonprofit, has been working for 25 years to help primary grade teachers be more effective in their pivotal task of teaching students to read.

If a student is not reading at grade level at the end of first grade, there is a 90% likelihood that the student will not be a proficient reader at the end of third grade, which in turn makes it highly likely the student will eventually drop out of school.  

For over 50 years, millions of students each year in low income schools have had their fate sealed before they turn seven years old.  

Our nonprofit focuses on supporting the efforts of K-1 classroom teachers with our research based, intervention program, TeacherMate.   Our unique model provides K-1 classrooms a specially trained Early Literacy Interventionist to work 1:1 with struggling students.  Our Early Literacy Interventionists leverage the power of our proprietary technology developed exclusively for beginning reading instruction.   

Our TutorMate program provides 1:1 online tutoring for students who are learning to read fluently.  We partner with over 200 major corporations to recruit a corp of over 6,000 volunteers who read with students online weekly during the school year.  

We currently serve schools in nearly 30 major US cities, as well as cities in Canada and the United Kingdom.  We will continue to grow globally in collaboration with our global corporate partners.  

We have achieved tangible, replicable results, demonstrated by independent research, and our goal is to scale our programs to serve all schools in need.

Our innovations extend to the ways we provide targeted intervention, engage students in independent practice, involve parents, and recruit the assistance of the community. 

We are not innovating for innovation’s sake.  A lack of innovation has left millions of children and adults in this generation illiterate.  The next generation should and can be better served.