It all starts with Literacy.

NBC puts education front and center


NBC is airing its third annual rendition of Education Nation, an ambitious exploration of what needs to improve — and what’s getting better — in American schools.

The network has been highlighting its findings across all its media platforms: broadcast TV, cable and the Internet.

A key event was a three-day summit in New York City, bringing together education experts, politicians and journalists. Here’s a good summary of what went on, from PBS’s John Merrow:

For me, the absolute hit of the two days was the 65 minutes on Monday morning devoted to “Brain Power: Why Early Learning Matters.” We were treated to four snappy, insightful and short presentations by professors from the University of Washington, UC Berkeley and Harvard, after which NBC’s chief medical editor, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, presided over a lively discussion about the educational implications of what we had just seen and experienced.

This hit home with many audience members because much of it was new and because the pedagogy modeled what all of us are arguing for in today’s schools.

As part of the project, the network is shining a spotlight on 10 schools or communities that are marking successes with innovative approaches to teaching — for example, an Arizona charter school’s approach to digital technology.

See NBC’s multimedia presentations about these 10 success stories here.

Tom Brokaw narrates a good overview of the NBC project here.

Kudos to the network for taking this important subject so seriously and for searching for answers as well as pointing out problems.

Check out the Education Nation website here.

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