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Dear Prospective Team Leader,

It all starts with literacy

That’s what I realized when I learned that over 80% percent of low-income 4th graders in the US scored “below proficient” on national reading tests.1 Eighty percent. Research shows that for these kids, it’s downhill from there: continued struggles in school, employment challenges, poverty…. You get the picture. The impact on these kids, their families, and our country is staggering. In effect, the American dream is over for these students at a very young age.

Imagine what can happen when we read together

Reading books with kids, one-on-one, helps build critical literacy skills that will last a lifetime. So I left my law job and set out on a mission to create an online tutoring platform that would seamlessly connect a legion of volunteer reading tutors with the kids who needed them the most. Today, that platform, TutorMate, is the nation’s preeminent online volunteer tutoring program. Nearly 200 of the country’s most prominent corporations and organizations partner with our nonprofit, Innovations for Learning, to recruit an army of volunteers to successfully help tens of thousands of young students in low- income communities learn to read.

And here’s where you come in.


With your help—and leadership–we can reach tens of thousands more students across the country using TutorMate. And that’s why I’m inviting you to become a Leader for Literacy, a role that asks you to:

We’ll provide you with all the letters, links and templates you’ll need to e-reach out to your friends, family and colleagues. We’ll also provide you and your team with all the online tools and templates you’ll need to reach—if not surpass—your fundraising goal.

Read together from anywhere

Despite how personally rewarding volunteering can be, too often time and logistics become showstoppers. But because of TutorMate, it’s easy to volunteer. From scheduling (or rescheduling even at the last minute) a 30-minute session, to reading and playing word games with a student, everything you or a team member needs is online and available from anywhere there is internet access—and there’s a help desk for whenever you have a question.

Become a Leader for Literacy

One leader; one team. One classroom; one school. One district; one state. One literate country. Imagine what will happen when we read together.


Seth Weinberger, Executive Director, Innovations for Learning and the TutorMate Program

It all starts with literacy.

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  2. The actual per classroom cost of this program is $2000. An anonymous donor is supporting this campaign by matching every $1000 raised by a tutor team, up to $50,000. All contributions above $2000 per team will be used to supplement the actual program cost in other classrooms.