It all starts with Literacy.

Kids say the darndest things — about their love of reading


Three outstanding students from Chicago’s LEARN Charter School Network came to Innovations for Learning’s offices recently to star in videos designed to help kids become savvier readers.

The video comprehension project is designed for children from 2nd through 5th grades. Students will read printed books such as “The Snowy Day,” and then go the computer, where they’ll see counterparts on video giving a pair of answers to questions about the book: one right, one wrong. The students have to pick the correct one.

You can see how the project works in the video above.

We had no idea how the kids who agreed to go before the cameras would appreciate the experience. But we soon found out. They sent us thank-you notes. Unusually warm ones.

These are children, we saw, who find reading to be important to them and who were happy to help lead other children into the world of books.

Here’s one:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity…I really enjoyed being recorded for other kids to see.  I feel truly honored to know that kids will see my face.  Sometimes I’m sad, need something to do or can’t express my feelings.  I hope my reading will make kids feel the same way about books [as I do].


Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.  It has changed my life forever.  I really did feel like I was making a difference.

And a third:

Thank you for recognizing me and my talent for reading.  Reading has always been something I can escape to when I’m upset, sad or bored.  It feels nice to know that my voice can be heard by kids around the country.

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