It all starts with Literacy.

JPMorgan Chase hosts digital-education innovators


Seth Weinberger, Innovations’ founder and executive director, joined education thinkers Joel Rose and Nichole Pinkard today in a discussion at the University of Chicago about the future of technology in education.

The three were panelists at a seminar for JPMorgan Chase Private Clients.

Rose, co-founder and CEO of New Classrooms Innovation Partners, works with schools to individualize teaching for students.

Pinkard, a visiting sssociate professor in the College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University in Chicago, is the founder of Digital Youth Network, a digital learning program for young people in and out of school.

The panelists emphasized that to achieve the education gains that educational technologists hope for, schools will need to do more than just download their favorite apps.

Districts need an extensive plan for using technology as part of the entire ecosystem of teaching and learning, leveraging technology to improve all apects of the teaching process.

Weinberger stressed the importance of reading proficiency by third grade for future academic success in all areas, including math and science, noting that failure in middle school and high school can often be traced back to illiteracy beginning at an early age.

Rose said that with the right technology and good training on how to use it, a teacher’s job might get easier and more effective. He also said he sees more public-private philanthropic partnerships in education’s future.

Pinkard said technology makes teaching outside the classroom possible. JPMorgan Chase is a major supporter of Innovations for Learning and its TeacherMate and TutorMate programs.

Photo: Dan Weisberg. Story: Howard Goodman and Cheryl Kaplan

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