It all starts with Literacy.

Houston launches TutorMate drive: See it here!


Read Houston Read Corporate Campaign Launch from Houston ISD on Vimeo.


The Read Houston Read campaign, rallying dozens of corporations to the cause of early literacy, has blasted off with a breakfast for corporate leaders — and the great video above.

The Houston Independent School District wants 1,600 volunteers to flood elementary schools to help reach an ambitious but vitally important target: all students reading at grade level by third grade.

Innovations for Learning is playing a key role, hoping to enlist hundreds of corporate employees to tutor schoolchildren over the Internet, using their workplace computers and telephones to connect with a child in a classroom. Other volunteers will visit schools in person.

“We are committed,” Daniel Gohl, the district’s chief academic officer, says in the video, “to having Houston be 100 percent literate by grade three. That starts by being able to sing the alphabet song by age three. And taking them from the sounds, to the letters, to the words, to the books.

“We will have Houston be literate!”

Here’s more on the drive, from the district’s news blog.


Photo and video: HISD

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