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Hospitality at Its Best


As our veteran tutors know, each year, we encourage our virtual volunteers to make a much anticipated in-person school visit for a capstone end-of-year celebration. For both students and tutors, this is often the highlight of the year – an opportunity to meet one another and share in the excitement of hard work and achievement.

Loews Corporation, owners of the luxury Loews Hotel & Resort chain and other subsidiaries, made their meet and greet a very special occasion this year. In an uplifting visit, first graders at PS 133 in Brooklyn, NYC were able to give back to in-need seniors in their own community. Loews tutors wanted to share the power of volunteering first-hand, and decided to bring along materials for a creative, service-oriented activity with their students — making cards for homebound elders served by Citymeals on Wheels, a NYC nonprofit.

The sense of compassion among the first graders was palpable. Many of the students wrote very heartfelt cards, including one that said: “We hope you stay happy, healthy and safe.” Incorporating card-making into their year-end celebration was a fun way to appreciate time with students while also completing a meaningful service project. By the end of the Loews visit to PS 133, 70 cards were made that were later delivered to 70 different recipients throughout NYC.

Kristen Jacob and Kamaria Antoine, coordinators of the TutorMate program at Loews, shared a bit about their experience with TutorMate over the course of the academic year. They were delighted that their students had made a great deal of reading progress. Kristen’s student, Gianna, improved substantially, developing as a reader throughout their time together with the help of the additional one-on-one tutoring support. Kamaria also found tutoring to be a rewarding experience, highlighting the connection she and Nava had formed during their weekly sessions.

When TutorMate students are paired with a tutor, whether from Loews or our other tutor partner organizations, we see impressive changes in reading fluency skills. Students become tenacious readers thanks to the guidance and reinforcement they receive from their weekly tutoring sessions.

Tutor partners help to make literacy in our classrooms a reality. Together, we can keep this momentum going and put more students on a path to success. Interested in getting your company involved?  Email to learn more.

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