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Google ‘evangelist’: Web revolution just beginning



“The Web is changing the way our students learn.”

That was Jaime Casap, Google’s Global Education Senior Evangelist (apparently his actual job title), speaking this week as the keynoter at the Florida Educational Technology Conference, in Orlando.

T.H.E. Journal‘s Chris Riedel reports:

Casap showed a picture of a young boy sitting on a couch, laptops flanking him on either side. “This is my 11-year-old,” he said, “who, on one machine, is playing Minecraft and, on the other machine, is watching videos on how to play Minecraft.”

This is how our students are learning. They are teaching each other and they are learning from the Web.

According to Casap, in a matter of a few weeks, his son went from learning how to play the game to playing the game to collaborating with friends on playing the game to recording videos in order to teach others how to play the game.

“Learning doesn’t happen Monday through Friday, from this time to that time,” he said. “This generation of kids are growing up consistently learning all the time.”

For Jaime Casap, this new environment only solidifies a teacher’s position as “the most important person in the classroom.”

K-12, he said, is on the cutting edge of what education models are going to look like, making it more important than ever that we “create and develop great teachers.” And these teachers, he continued, need to use the tools at their disposal to build digital leaders.

And this revolution, Casap said, is just at the beginning.

Read here for more on Casap’s remarks.

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