It all starts with Literacy.

“Each year it just gets better!”


Year after year, we seek to improve TutorMate’s universal effectiveness for our students and overall experience for students, teachers and tutors.

One-to-one tutoring fosters meaningful, life-changing relationships between students and tutors. The collective impact of both a supportive tutor and a committed teacher continues to pay huge dividends in students’ reading growth, self-esteem and long-term success.

We appreciate the wonderful teachers who welcome TutorMate into their classrooms, and the dedicated tutors who make one-on-one reading support a reality for over 3,000 students.  

Teachers and tutors witness the ongoing benefits and are evidently enthusiastic about the program:

Each year it just gets better! My students did so well reading. They love having someone individually listen to them and work with them…I absolutely love this program…The one-on-one with my students. The children look so forward to working with their tutor. – First Grade Teacher

This experience was the highlight of my week! It was amazing to watch my student learn and grow, gain confidence, and learn skills that will serve him throughout his life. – Western Union Tutor, Denver

We value our teacher and tutor feedback and their input in helping us deliver a much needed resource to students across the country. As we develop new technologies for classrooms, we implement this valuable teacher/tutor feedback to help us determine how to best innovate and enhance our program.

After the 2015-16 school year, we received over 2,000 survey responses from tutors and teachers who thoughtfully provided their feedback to our TutorMate team, and we wanted to share some of the results that further reinforce the power of online tutoring: 

• Over 91% of tutors said that their overall tutoring experience was good, very good or excellent.
• 75% of tutors said they noticed a notable or substantial improvement in their student’s reading ability over the course of the year.
• Nearly 80% of tutors said that they believe their tutoring had a substantial impact on improving their student’s self-esteem.
• Using a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being highly beneficial, 80% of our teachers rated TutorMate at a 4 or a 5.
• 94% of teachers who participated said that they would like to have TutorMate in their classrooms again next year.

We truly appreciate the dedication of our tutors and teachers and are looking forward to another year of empowering children in our communities through literacy.

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