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Celebrating World Teachers’ Day


Child in Iran
(Photo from eduinternational)

We’re happy to see that many people share our admiration of teachers — all around the globe.

Friday was World Teachers’ Day. A creation of UNESCO, it’s been celebrated every October 5 since 1994. The stated aim: to mobilize support for teachers and ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers.

This year, people were asked to send in photos showing how they were marking the day wherever they were.

They responded enthusiastically, with pictures of marches in Portugal and Nicaragua, rallies in the Philippines and Romania, a march for decent pay in the Democratic Republic of Congo, music and dancing in Mauritius, formal speeches, and casual poses of classes and colleagues in scores of other places.

The whole array, from Algeria to Zambia, is here.  Take a look and marvel at how widespread is the hunger to prepare the young for a better world, all over the globe.

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