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Tips for Tutors

We’re well underway into the second semester of TutorMate tutoring, and hopefully, you’re developing a great relationship with your student. With a few months to go, we’re focused on making your experience and impact as successful and meaningful as possible! To help us optimize your sessions, please review and remember the following tips: 1) FEEDBACK: […]…

“Each year it just gets better!”

Year after year, we seek to improve TutorMate’s universal effectiveness for our students and overall experience for students, teachers and tutors. One-to-one tutoring fosters meaningful, life-changing relationships between students and tutors. The collective impact of both a supportive tutor and a committed teacher continues to pay huge dividends in students’ reading growth, self-esteem and long-term […]…

Reynoldsburg, Ohio, teams with Innovations for Learning

A suburb of Columbus, Ohio, is the next locale for Innovations for Learning. The Reynoldsburg City Schools announced it will employ Innovations’ programs for boosting reading instruction next fall in  all six of its elementary schools, reaching 1,100 students in 46 kindergarten and first-grade classrooms. “The state of Ohio has clearly recognized the importance of […]…