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Boeing celebrates its Centennial by sponsoring TutorMate STEM


Since its 1993 inception as a nonprofit, Innovations for Learning has continued to evolve. We’ve made remarkable improvements to our digital resources, to better serve the needs of at-risk emerging readers.

Among these was the launch of TutorMate about ten years ago – IFL’s one-on-one virtual literacy tutoring program. Our collection of stories to foster better reading has grown over the years – but they were exclusively fiction.

Now for the first time in IFL’s history, thanks to a generous grant from The Boeing Company, we’re very gratified to announce that the TutorMate program is offering 20 nonfiction science stories.

The stories created by this initiative promote both STEM and fundamental reading skills – all in a single intervention. They will bring critical science concepts to life for our students, while simultaneously challenging young students to enhance their reading proficiency in a way that directly aligns with IFL’s mission. Tutors and students alike will now find engaging texts about Earth, the solar system, scientists from diverse backgrounds, physical science, materials, engineering, and more – all leveled for first grade.

Boeing is now in its fourth year as a TutorMate partner, with tutors volunteering in DC Public Schools, Duval County (FL) Public Schools, and Santa Ana Unified Schools. Tutors from Boeing have included Jeff Trauberman, VP of Space, Intelligence, and Missile Defense. One Boeing tutors used to fly Vice Presidential aircraft under the Obama and Bush administrations. Over the course of the partnership, many Boeing employees have dedicated 30 caring minutes per week to improving literacy skills, self-confidence and a love of reading for the early grade students which TutorMate serves.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone at Boeing for their support, collaboration and generosity. This foray into STEM is a new and exciting chapter in the TutorMate program story. Help us honor Boeing’s Centennial, and also check out our new TutorMate science stories!

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