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Wednesday is Digital Learning Day

All around America, thousands of teachers and millions of students are getting ready for the third annual Digital Learning Day, staging local events and conducting special learning activities to advance innovation in education. In Juneau, Alaska, the state library will sponsor a discussion on producing podcasts. In Haude, Texas, elementary students will…

Frances Curry, first-grade teacher, trying out a device that will help her students learn to read

‘With technology, they’re right there with it’

  FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – First-grade teacher Frances Curry had an iPod Touch in her fingers and a pair of headphones on her ears. She peered at the three-inch screen, her fingers tapping. Then she paused. And smiled. “The kid reads a word,” she said, “and then the program tells him to say the word….

What vacation? These schools work to avoid the summer slack-off

Educators at a Chicago elementary school spent the summer redesigning their reading program for the first and second grades. They came up with the “CY-BEAR.” This fall, each student will receive a stuffed animal to read aloud to. Sounds goofy, but principal Shawn Jackson says it reduces the anxiety to read in front of others…

Tutors, sign up now to meet your students!

It’s the time of year for Innovations for Learning tutors to be making plans for end-of-the-year get-togethers with the students they’re helping learn to read. About 1,300 adults are devoting a half-hour each week to communicating, via telephone and the computer, with children in low-income neighborhood schools. From their desks in corporations like…