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3rd-graders love iPads. Let us count the ways.


Here’s a charmer of a blog post from a third-grade teacher in Massachusetts who lists the changes she sees in her classroom every time the iPads roll in.

A weakening of attention spans is not one of the effects.

Far from it. Suzy Brooks, who blogs under the name Simply Suzy, says her students increase their focus, get to work faster, stay more engaged, and communicate better when working with the iPads. And the devices also help her make better assessments of her kids’ progress.

“Though digital solutions aren’t always the best fit in every situation,” she says, “there are many ways to enhance and deepen both learning and understanding through the use of technology.   I can only imagine how amazing school can be once I really get the hang of these buggers!!”

You can enjoy the whole blog post, complete with comic art, here.

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November 21, 2012 at 1:20 pm, Suzy Brooks said:

Thanks for the mention, and for sharing my article! I appreciate the time you took to read it, and to pass it on to others.



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