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TutorMate classroom

We’ve reached 100 TutorMate partner organizations!

We’re thrilled to share the news that Innovations for Learning has reached a very exciting milestone.  As of this week, we officially have 100 organizations participating in the TutorMate program whose employees will be tutoring this year!  Ricoh USA has the distinction of being the 100th corporation to join us in tutoring. This is a […]…

Neil Bush 1-9-15 Houston event

Bush Helps Squirt Not Be Left Behind

  In this video, Neil Bush speaks about his experience as a TutorMate volunteer helping Houston first-grader Savannah learn to read. Once a week, like all of our other tutors across the country, Neil spends 30 minutes online with his student from wherever he is. Together they read stories and play fun games that help […]…

article from education week article

The Differentiation Challenge

Education Week has just published an article proclaiming that Differentiation Doesn’t Work. The claim is not that differentiated instruction isn’t effective, but that it is very difficult to implement in a classroom with a large number of students with diverse needs, and so relatively few teachers actually differentiate instruction. Innovations for Learning exists because we […]…